When accessing Whereby via the pre-built UI, the experience is WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliant

For more informations and requirements for the 2.1 guideline, you can review the W3C site:

Download a copy of the latest Whereby Embedded VPAT:

Features & Usage

Keyboard navigation

All parts of the Whereby UI are reachable using the tab key. Flyout menus can be triggered using the space bar (or a long press on mobile)

Users can also disable our single-key shortcuts if they prefer, as these might interfere with other shortcuts users have set.

Screen readers & Assistive Technology

Markup clearly defines the function of different UI elements and includes labels where needed, enhancing navigation for screen readers.

Aria-live attributes are used to define how screen readers should prioritise incoming chat messages and important status messages.

Viewport zooming restrictions are removed, allowing unrestricted zooming on mobile devices.

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