Dashboard preferences

Some organization preferences can be enabled or disabled from the dashboard, eliminating the need for a corresponding URL parameter on every link.

The feature preferences can be found under "Configure” β†’ β€œFeatures”. Any adjustments made here will be applied to all your rooms, unless overridden by specific URL parameters added to the meeting URL.

Pre-call review

We provide waiting room options for your users to verify their device permissions and even test their internet connection in preparation for a call. By enabling pre-call review, you can specify if you'd like a simpler, single page standard review.

Or, a dedicated test for each device including camera, microphone, and speakers, as well as a connectivity test. This can also be enabled for specific rooms with the ?precallCeremony parameter.

The device and connectivity tests are a subset of the pre-call review feature. Pre-call review must be enabled in order for the ?precallCeremony parameter or dashboard toggle to work.

Help me fix this

You can add a custom link that appears when users accidentally block their permissions. This can be managed for all meetings via the dashboard, or set for individual meetings via our URL parameter. If you need help building some support documentation we have some End User Troubleshooting information that may prove helpful!

Whereby Privacy Policy

From the Features tab, you can choose to remove the mention of Whereby's privacy policy during the pre-call portion. By checking the box you confirm that you have provided our policy by other means. You'll find our policy here:

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