Transcribing allows you to get a verbatim transcript of what was said in the Whereby meeting. You can get a transcript directly from the session or from a session recording.

Transcription is a complementary feature of our paid Whereby Embedded plans. You can review the pricing and options on our site.

Session transcripts can be used as a standalone resource (eg. for compliance purposes) or sent to an external service for post processing (eg. to derive key topics or create a session summary). You can create transcripts directly from the session (without the need to record it) or you can transcribe any session recording saved in Whereby-provided storage. Transcripts are saved as text files accessible through the customer portal or via the API.

Session Transcription

Session Transcription allows you to produce a transcript directly from the live session, without the need to record it. Full transcript is available right after the session is finished.

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Recording Transcription

Recording Transcription allows you to get a transcript of any recording that was saved in Whereby-provided storage. It is useful if you want to transcribe the sessions recorded in the past.

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