During creation

Some key properties of your rooms should be set when the room is created using the API or Create a room flow.

Some features of the meeting rooms can be set at the time of creation, within API requests. This includes (but isn't limited to):

  • Lock State (isLocked) - This set the initial lock status of the rooms to create a type of waiting room for your participants. Hosts are able to gain access to locked room and are able to adjust the lock status, if the setting is exposed.

  • Pattern of the room name (roomNamePattern) and Prefix (roomNamePrefix) - Adjust the random string used for room names. You can also include a prefix for easier link searching and management within insights, webhooks, or your own database.

  • Room size (roomMode) - Adjust the capacity (4 vs 200) and connection type (P2P vs SFU) of your rooms being generated. Specify normal for a capacity of 4 and P2P. Or, group for a capacity of 200 and SFU. Review our blog post for further clarifications and information.

Have a look at our API reference for a complete overview of properties that can be set on meeting creation.

Further customizations can be done after the room has been created, either by using URL parameters when embedding the room, managing preferences via the dashboard, or by customizing branding elements like background and logo.

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