Grid logic

The <VideoGrid /> component is simple to use, but it contains a set of complex rules that decide how the various video cells are rendered.


The <VideoGrid /> component consists of three specific grid layouts: Presentationgrid, Videogrid and Subgrid.

The placement of the grids will change depending on container size, number of presentations and number of participants in the video and subgrid. For example, if there are no active presentations, the video grid will fill the presentation space. The same rule applies to the subgrid.

Participant distribution

The selection of which participants reside in which grid section is decided based on a set of rules:


The presentation grid consists of all screen shares and spotlighted participants.


The video grid consists of all participants that have enabled video, are not spotlighted, and are not in the subgrid. By default, the Videogrid can have 12 active video cells. However, this is can be customised.


The general rule is that all participants with their video off, will move to the subgrid. Any participant joining after the video limit in the Videogrid is reached, will also be automatically moved into the subgrid.

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