Streaming RTMP

Our Streaming feature allows for you to share your meeting feed to an external service like YouTube or Twitch via RTMP.

Streaming is a complementary feature of our paid Whereby Embedded plans. You can review the pricing and options on our site.

Create a streaming meeting with the API

Create a meeting with streaming set up for others to use, such as a teacher or an event organizer. The stream is fixed and can not be changed inside the room afterward.

When creating a meeting via our API, you can pass your platforms RTMP URL and include the stream key separated by a forward slash. Then specify how you'd like the stream to begin. "Automatic", "Manual", or "Prompt" by including an in room message to the host.

You'll have these same options when creating a meeting via our dashboard.

Obtaining Streaming info

If you haven't streamed before, in order to access your stream key on YouTube you must go through the initial stream setup which includes a 24 hour account processing period.

Your stream key and URL can then be located under the "Stream Settings" once you've completed the initial setup. Google has documentation on this topic in their article "Manage live stream settings".

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