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Breakout Groups with Embedded

More than ever, workshops, lectures and conferences are happening online. So it's never been more important to combine bigger (often one-way) meetings with smaller, collaborative sessions.
Cloud recording does not properly support our Breakout Groups feature. When using Breakout Groups, the recorder will remain in the main room and will not capture any of the meeting content from individual groups.

Breakout Groups

With Breakout Groups in Whereby Embedded you can easily implement collaborative sessions directly into your app or website.
To use Breakout Groups you'll need to ensure the following is true. All of these conditions must be met for Breakout Groups to function properly, so if you're having issues implementing Breakout Groups these are good things to double check:
  • The meeting is set to the group roomMode during meeting creation
  • You are using the ?breakout=on parameter
  • The meeting will happen between the meeting creation and endDate that was defined in the API request to create the room
  • You are using Host URLs and will have a Host in the meeting to start the breakout session
After you've implemented, we have a series of guides you can use to train your hosts on using the Breakout Groups feature.
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