Getting started with Whereby Embedded

Whereby Embedded is the easiest way to add video calls to your web page or mobile app. Get up and running in minutes, not months, so you're free to focus on what you do best — your business.

Creating and deleting rooms

Rooms are where video calls take place. They can be created with a simple API call from your own backend, or by using tools such as Postman. All rooms have unique URLs and can be created ahead of time or on demand.
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Customizing rooms

Customize the meeting experience and control the features that are available to your participants. This can be done in several ways: through the API as the room is created, by using URL parameters when embedding it, or via dashboard settings.
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Embedding rooms

Whereby Embedded has been built to make integrating video conferencing rooms fast and easy. Whether you're building a new app from the ground up, or want to integrate video conferencing rooms into your existing app, Whereby has a wide range of ways to integrate into your workflow.
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Monitoring usage

It can be helpful to have an understanding of how much usage your rooms are experiencing. Our ready-to-use Insights Dashboard requires no setup and gives instant access to essential metrics and visualizations, but you can also set up your own tracking using our webhooks or other mechanisms.
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User roles and privileges

Whereby Embedded allows your participants to join a video meeting without creating accounts or logins. If you want some users to have elevated privileges in the meeting, you can use hostRoomURLs.
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Joining our Developer Community

We have recently launched a Developer Community on Discord where you'll have a chance to interact with some other users that are utilizing Whereby in their solution. If you'd like to discuss some new features or talk to people about Whereby you're more than welcome to join.
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