Real-time troubleshooting

Enhance users’ experience when issues arise with real-time monitoring and troubleshooting tools. These tools are free to use and by default switched on for all embedded customers.


Video meetings depend on various factors. Some of them are within users' control - but only if they are aware of them. Typical root causes of audio and video issues include:

  • Poor or unstable internet connection

  • High CPU usage due to intensive software processes, running several applications at once, having numerous open browser tabs, or even aging device hardware

In order to help users deal with these issues, we provide a suite of real-time troubleshooting tools featuring:

These tools allows participants and hosts to troubleshoot connection issues during calls, aiming to reduce your team’s support tickets and ensure high-quality experiences.

Meeting diagnostics

CPU usage monitoring is available exclusively for Chrome on desktop.

Users can easily access meeting diagnostics and check:

  • Overall performance

  • Audio transmission

  • Video transmission

  • CPU usage (exclusive to Chrome on desktop)

Detection of poor network conditions

  1. In case of poor network conditions, users see a notification and a red indicator appears

  2. Users can expand the panel to access more details and see actionable tips on how to improve the connection

  3. Meeting participants with poor network conditions will appear with an indicator on their video tile. This helps other participants understand why the affected participant's audio or video quality is lower.


If you already enable the Whereby top toolbar, you don’t have to do anything to enable as it will be on by default.

  • If you currently hide the Whereby top toolbar by using in URL parameter topToolbar=off - please remove this parameter.

  • If you currently hide the Whereby top toolbar by using the URL parameter minimal - please add a callQualityMonitoring=on parameter to the URL.

Is it possible to opt-out?

Yes, it’s possible to opt-out and remove this tool from your experience. We’ve built it to make both yours and your users experience smoother, but understand some of our customers may want to control access to this.

If you are using Whereby and want to opt-out of the meeting diagnostics tool, please supply callQualityMonitoring=off to the URL when embedding.

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