Insights suite & API

The Insights suite is available from the Embedded dashboard, and is the easiest way to access your usage data at a glance. You can also access insights data through the Whereby REST API.
You can quickly get a clear understanding of what's happening over time and see the big picture, or get a more granular view for data points like:
  • 📈 How many Participant, Recording and Streaming minutes have been used
  • 👨‍💻 The number of sessions/meetings happening over time
  • 👥 How many participants have joined video calls
  • ​
    Each participant's call quality experience
Visit the "Insights" section of your Whereby Embedded account to access these reports.
To access the Insights suite, log in to your Whereby Embedded account and visit the "Insights" section.
You can also query the Insights suite data through the Whereby REST API, which allows you to programmatically use it for things like billing, operations, or even to create a dashboard of your own.
Insights can take 10-15 minutes to update accordingly on the dashboard and via the GET endpoints

Rooms and sessions

On the Rooms page, you can see a list of all the rooms that currently exist and have been created in your account. Your admins can easily filter the list by searching a room name or choosing a date range to find the insights you’re looking for in seconds.
You can also access details of all the sessions that have happened within a specific room and quickly filter them by date for a more detailed view.


Within a session, you can find the participants that attended the session. Each time your user reconnects to the room, they will receive a new, unique participant ID from us.