FAQ & Troubleshooting

We've compiled some of the most common questions and tips we receive about Whereby Embedded.
You can check for service outages and issues on our status page:
We're currently aware of an issue with users running Avast antivirus. The "Avast Web Shield" feature conflicts with sites using port 443 and can cause video feeds to appear as black frames in Whereby. We're working with Avast on a way for them to account for this in their platform, however to resolve Whereby related issues you'll need to disable that feature. Avast Support Article

Tips & Tricks

Firewall Settings
Testing Whereby Embedded
Connections in UAE, China, and Russia

Common Questions

Can I customize the page users see when they leave a room?
URL parameters aren't working as expected
Can I create longstanding meetings?
My hosts/viewers don't have the correct meeting privileges
How do I enable integrations in my meetings?
CORS Policy Error in the browser console