In a web page

Whether you're building your own web app or using a third party framework, embedding Whereby rooms in your service is a simple and hassle-free process.
We offer more ways to quickly integrate customized video calls into your mobile and web apps with Native SDKs. With these SDKs, you can tap into powerful features such as listening to room events and use custom buttons to send commands to the room from your application. Read more

Using an iframe

If you want to embed video rooms in a website using HTML or a framework that supports HTML elements like React.js, a great option for doing this is by using a simple iframe.
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Using the <whereby-embed> element

We also offer a web component that will allow you to embed a Whereby room in any webpage. It provides a more readable integration, and we’ve also exposed local client events that are sent from the room to the component.
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Embedding in Squarespace or Wordpress

Most website builders offer some way of adding blocks containing content hosted elsewhere. Here we look at two popular options, SquareSpace and WordPress.
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