Branding elements
Make your Whereby rooms truly yours by setting a custom logo, background and other branding elements. You can do this using the branding tools in the Embedded dashboard, or via the API.

Using the Branding tools in your Embedded Dashboard

The branding tools can be found under “Configure” → “Appearance”. Any configuration done here will be applied to all your rooms, unless overridden by individual room settings applied via the Room Theme API.

Using the Room Theme API

The Room Theme API lets you set up and manage branding settings for individual rooms. This could be used for tailoring the video call experience to your client's own branding, or simply to apply different visual styles for rooms used for different purposes.
Visit the API reference docs for a closer look at how to use the Room Theme API.
Note that branding elements configured via the API will override any "global" branding you may have applied via the Embedded Dashboard.